with Debra Kupchok

~Join the Sangha for Buddhist Summer Day Camp~

~A Saturday Full Day Retreat~

July 8th, 2023 ~10:00 am – 4:00 pm ET

We will celebrate summer

with a day of Meditation, Laughter and FUN!

Instead of our usual two-hour class, we are offering a full day retreat

Activities might include:

  • Circle Time for Buddhists: Weaving the Tendrels of a Dharma Community
  • Teachings and Meditations: Minding the Edge 
  • Walk: Minding the Edges
  • The Four Powers and Vajrasattva 
  • Lunch Time Feast offering (bring your own)
  • Art Exploration with Rhonda
  • Movement: Somatic Mindfulness
  • A very special Storytime/Meditation
  • An Offering of the Chod combined with Tonglen
  • Music: The Faithful Student Song

Registration:  The retreat is based on an offering of Dana for the teacher.

Suggested Dana for the teacher-$10-$20 or send a drawing, pressed flower or card!


Dana Information:

Dana via Paypal: Paypal.me/EllenYeshe  

Dana via Venmo: www.venmo.com/Ellen-Yeshe 


You can mail Dana for the teachings: 

Ellen Booth Church 813 Cardens Creek Drive Durham, NC 27712


Please register in advance by writing to kwtaramandala@aol.com

Have Fun with the Dharma and Deepen your Meditations!